Which programming language should you learn first?

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What is a programming language?

Programming languages are the tools used to write instructions for computers to follow.

Lets decide our language

There are two ways to make this decision. First is to choose a programming language based on your goal and the second is to choose a programming language based on what is the most in-demand or popular in the industry.

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Python is easy for beginners to learn because of its readability. You can learn the essentials of coding without difficulty. I strongly suggest the beginners to start from here..


Java is one of the most common, in-demand computer programming languages used today. Today there are more than 3 billion devices running applications built with Java.Java is a more complex language to learn, but experienced developers with Java coding skills are in high-demand.


Kotlin is used extensively for Android apps, web application, desktop application, and server-side application development. Most of the Google applications are based on Kotlin.


For bulding Mobile (Apple iOS apps, specifically) this is your language. You do not need to know any other languages to start learning. An open-source programming language that is easy to learn.


To be a web developer you should learn javascript for dinamic design. This is essential after HTML-CSS as I defined before.


Go was developed by Google in 2007 for APIs and web applications. Its simple and modern structure and syntax familiarity makes it easy to learn. It is also known as Golang.


Many web developers will find it essential to learn PHP, as this language is used to build more than 80% of websites on the Internet, including those like Facebook and Yahoo.


Ruby is a scripting language built from the ground up for use in front end and back end web development and similar applications. It is a robust, dynamically typed, and object-oriented language. What’s more, its syntax is so high-level and easy to understand that it’s considered as close as you can get to coding in English.


Essentially, it’s a language that allows communication with databases in order to manage all the data they contain.

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I hope I could help you make up your mind :)



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